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Please take the time are read these rules, post these rules where they are easily accessible for your review. Your apartment is your home and should be treated in that respect. Please respect the property of others. Repeated violations of these Rules and Regulations which disrupt the livability of the community, adversely affect the health or safety of any person or the right of any Tenant to the quiet enjoyment of the leased premises or have any adverse affect on the management of the community will be deemed grounds for termination of the lease agreement. The following are general rules that you will be expected to follow:

  • Signature Real Estate reserves the right to ban any individual from the property and/or entering the building. Tenants are strictly forbidden to allow these individuals onto the property. Tenants who allow banned individuals onto the property, into the building or into their units may be subject to eviction action.
  • Tenant shall not allow garbage, newspapers, or other refuse to remain in the apartment or the porch of their unit. ALL DEBRIS MUST BE DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY! Do not allow guest to throw debris on the property.
  • CIGARETTE Butts are to be disposed of in an ash tray. DO NOT THROW BUTTS on the grounds.
  • Consumption of alcohol in any public area at Woodsmill Apartments is not permitted.
  • Any use, manufacturing, sale or distribution of ANY controlled substance that is not prescribed by a medical professional will NOT BE TOLERATED and will be cause for IMMEDIATE eviction.
  • Tenant agrees not to make or permit noises, loud voices, acts, or odors that will disturb the rights or comfort of neighbors. The Tenant agrees to keep the volume of any radio, CD player, stereo, television, or musical instrument at a level that will not disturb the neighbors. Tenants agree not to let their guests, visitors, or children disturb their neighbors as well.
  • Tenant shall be responsible for guests/visitors at all times. Guests/visitors are not allowed to loiter around the property.
  • Children must be attended at all times. Children are not allowed to wonder throughout the community without adult supervision.
  • Tenant is encouraged to obtain her/his own personal renter's insurance. Owner is not responsible for theft, for the damage to personal property.
  • Loitering will not be permitted on the lawns, sidewalks, porch's or parking
  • All Pet owners are responsible for their pets. CLEAN UP after your pet. Anyone tenant that is found to have an aggressive breed animal is subject to immediate eviction. Aggressive breeds are strictly prohibited!
  • PORCHES/PATIOS: Porches and patios are not to be used for the storage of garbage, aluminum cans, household items, or to dry laundry.
  • Porch, sidewalks, and stairways will not be blocked or used for any purpose other than entering or exiting the respective units. No recreational equipment or any personal items will be permitted to be placed or kept on the porch.
  • SMOKE DETECTOR: Smoke detectors will be checked Do not remove the cover or batteries in these detectors.
  • USE OF PREMISES: Tenant shall occupy and use the premises as a private residence and for no other purpose. This includes but is not limited to keeping roomers, lodgers, or boarders, etc.

Management reserves the right to inspect any unit, at any time, after serving the proper notice if we suspect that the members of the household are in non-compliance with lease requirements regarding (but not limited to) unsanitary or unsafe living conditions, unreported household composition or criminal activity.

Violators of these rules may be subject to immediate Eviction.